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Design Thinking

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Design Thinking Curriculum Method

I define the Design Thinking Curriculum as intent based on outcomes. My curriculum design team and I focus on the creation of the overall course blueprint. Our experienced learning designers provide a systematic approach to mapping content to learning objectives, including how to develop a course outline and build the course. Each learning objective is met with assessment strategies, exercises, content, subject matter analysis, and interactive activities. We use the design thinking method to create intent by developing a curriculum that is tailored to your specific goals. This is a behavioral model for understanding uses three of the most important techniques for scaling design thinking to your needs and envisioning greater returns in a full loop.

From Problems to Solutions

Our method applies modern learning theory in a framework that teams with action. The Design Thinking Curriculum not only forms intent, but is a scaffolding for action and deliverable goals that improves the lives of the people we serve.

Expert training from experienced design thinkers

Our designers work toward outcomes that meet your needs more successfully. This client-centered approach known as “design thinking” allows designers and others to address your wide range of needs and close the skills gap.

Design a better way for people to learn

We strive to understand your end-to-end experience. What you are asking us to do, and the impact it will have. We thoughtfully design a curricula experience across all disciplines and meet client-focused outcomes.


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